OVER the past month various pieces of graffiti have appeared across the town since Banksy confirmed he painted the mural on the side of Reading Gaol.

The elusive street artist's work showed a prisoner escaping the prison using a rope of bed sheets tied to a typewriter.

This prompted many to link the image to infamous inmate Oscar Wilde.

Since the artwork appeared, many other pieces have popped up across the town.

Here's a list of the graffiti across Reading.

Banksy's mural on Reading Gaol

The mural appeared overnight on Monday, March 1.

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Picture from PA

Picture from PA

Banksy mural defaced

Reading Gaol: Banksys artwork has been vandalised. Credit: Adam Jones

Reading Gaol: Banksy's artwork has been vandalised. Credit: Adam Jones

On March 16, we reported that the Banksy mural had been defaced.

The words 'Team Robbo' had been written underneath the piece and the typewriter had been sprayed in red.

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According to The Guardian, King Robbo was a British graffiti artist who had a long-running dispute with Banksy. He died in 2014.

Typewriter on Reading Bridge

Image by Dan Ellis @EllisD238

Image by Dan Ellis @EllisD238

A typewriter similar to the one on the wall of Reading Gaol appeared on Reading Bridge on March 18.

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Typewriter on Reading Bridge defaced

On March 21, we reported that the typewriter on Reading Bridge had been defaced.

The tag 'Team Robbo' was scrawled across the rope of the artwork.

Cherish Love Hope piece appears

Image credit: Tim Millikin

Image credit: Tim Millikin

On March 22, a piece which showed a young boy and the words 'Cherish Love Hope' appeared which covered the 'Team Robbo' tag on the typewriter on Reading Bridge.

The word 'Peachy' was spotted on the wall and a person with the name Peachy Peach has since confirmed the 'Cherish Love Hope' piece was their work.

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Bob Ross mural in Caversham

Graffiti in Caversham

Graffiti in Caversham

On March 26, a painting of what looks like painter Bob Ross appeared on a wall above Boots in Caversham.

Some people think this is in reference to the announcement of the confirmed Banksy artwork on Reading prison.

Banksy uploaded a video of himself creating the prison work to his verified social media page on Instagram seemingly signalling the Reading mural to be his own work.

The video was a take on the 1980s instructional TV show The Joy of Panting with Bob Ross *with Banksy.

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Rat appears under Reading Bridge

Credit: Marcia Milnes

Credit: Marcia Milnes

Yesterday, a rat appeared under Reading Bridge.

The rat had a red rope around its neck and the word 'art?' written above it.

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