THE artist behind the 'Cherish Love Hope' mural in town has spoken out about the importance of artwork for Reading. 

A typewriter similar to the Reading Gaol mural appeared on the wall of Reading Bridge earlier this month.

The words 'Team Robbo' were painted over the typewriter. 

Then a mural with the words 'Cherish Love Hope' and an image of a boy appeared above the typewriter covering the 'Team Robbo' tag. 

A resident passing by took photos of the mural and spotted the name 'Peachy' on the wall and embedded in the typewriter.

A person with the name Peachy Peach has since spoken to the Chronicle about the importance of artwork in the town.

They also confirmed the 'Cherish Love Hope' piece was their work. 

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They explained "Reading has recently had an incomprehensible amount of crime leading to the untimely death of many" and believe that "something needs to be done, even something as small as artwork".

They added: "If artworks can make people stop, look and talk and forget about their worries even if it lasts just two minutes then the artwork has served its purpose.

"Artwork does not have the ability to physically talk yet it still somehow manages to speak to people!"

They continued: "They create emotion, happiness, even anger. Either way it has served its purpose.

"People just don’t realise."

Peachy also revealed they would like to restore the piece that was "destroyed" on Reading prison.

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They said: "It is too much of an important piece to leave in that way."

A mural appeared on the side of Reading Gaol earlier this month depicting a prisoner escaping from the gaol using a rope of bed sheets tied to a typewriter.

Elusive street artist Banksy confirmed it was his work when he uploaded a video of himself creating the piece to his verified Instagram account.