Another Banksy mural has possibly appeared in Reading today.

A piece of art similar to the mural on Reading Prison has appeared on the outer building of Christchurch Meadows. 

Images have circulated on Twitter showing an image of a typewriter.

The typewriter looks identical to the Banksy mural which appeared on Reading prison earlier this month. 

Earlier this week, the Banksy mural was defaced with writing 'Team Robbo' in red paint. 

The typewriter was covered in red paint but the rest of the mural remains untouched.

A security fence has since been installed around the Banksy artwork on Reading Gaol to protect it. 

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Today (March 18) a typewriter looking similar to the mural on Reading prison appears on the side of Reading Bridge in Christchurch Meadows. 

The typewriter is located opposite the car park side on Reading bridge.