ANOTHER piece of street art has appeared in Reading. 

An image of a rat with a red rope around its neck has been painted on the wall underneath Reading Bridge.

Above it the word 'art?' is written in red.

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Another piece of art has appeared in Reading. Credit: Marcia Milnes

Another piece of art has appeared in Reading. Credit: Marcia Milnes

The latest street art is near to existing artwork on the side of Reading Bridge. 

A typewriter similar to the Reading Gaol mural appeared on the wall of Reading Bridge earlier this month.

The words 'Team Robbo' were painted over the typewriter. 

Then a mural with the words 'Cherish Love Hope' and an image of a boy appeared above the typewriter covering the 'Team Robbo' tag. 

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A resident passing by took photos of the mural and spotted the name 'Peachy' on the wall and embedded in the typewriter.

A person with the name Peachy Peach has since spoken to the Chronicle and confirmed the 'Cherish Love Hope' piece was their work. 

Elusive street artist Banksy revealed he had painted a piece on the side of Reading Gaol which showed a prisoner escaping the gaol using a rope of bed sheets tied to a typewriter. 

He confirmed it was his work when he uploaded a video of himself creating the piece to his verified Instagram account.