Shooting for a major Hollywood blockbuster film started today here in Reading.

Various scenes for Greenland: Migration, a sequel to the 2020 thriller, were filmed today Thursday May 23 along Tessa Road by the old Evening Post building.

Dozens of members of the film crew stationed up with various bits of expensive equipment, including cameras attached to drones. 

A stunt double for famous Hollywood actor Gerrard Butler, who's likeness was remarkable, featured in many of the scenes they filmed, most notably shots of a van hurtling down Tessa Road. 

The van, driven by another member of the cast along with the Gerrard Butler lookalike in the passenger seat, swerves down the road and is followed by around a dozen extras who run after it. 

Local resident and spectator Carole Gregson said that she found the whole thing very exciting. 

"It is very exciting indeed," she said. "I don't know if they gave forewarning to all the businesses on the road. A lorry has just come with a food delivery and it looks like he has to turn around.

"It's clever though isn't it to be able to see how they really do it in films, even just the little bit where they've got all the abandoned cars making it look like a wasteland."

The closed off Tessa Road is today strewn with saw dust, wood chippings, and prop cars parked in the middle of the road made to look abandoned. 

This comes as previously earlier this month rumours began to fly about the Greenland sequel being filmed here in Reading.

According to IMDb The film, Greenland: Migration, a sequel to the 2020 thriller, is expected to star Gerrard Butler and Golden Globe Nominee Roman Griffin Davis.

After today's filming it seems that the rumours can undoubtedly be confirmed as correct with star actor Gerrard Butler definitely due to appear in the blockbuster movie. 

Local businesses within the industrial site on Tessa Road previously received letters from the location manager regarding the filming.

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However, the community hit out at the proposed road closure and diversion, which sends vehicles via Randolph Road, Addison Road and Cardiff Road.

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The Road will be closed today until 7pm.

Further road closures can be expected on Friday (May 24) between 8am and 6pm.