A DISTRESSED tawny owl had to be rescued after its wing was caught in a discarded fishing line.

Carly Ahlen was called in to rescue the bird by a local photographer passing by with her family.

The tawny owl named Luna was found nestled in a tree with her right wing trapped at Mapledurham Lock, Purley on Thames, having mistaken the fishing line for food.

Photographer Tina Cleary heard cries from the shocked animal and contacted Carly who runs the Gabo Wildlife foundation.

Reading Chronicle: Photo by Tina Cleary Photo by Tina Cleary

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The charity has been nursing sick and injured animals releasing them back into the wild for 20 years.

Reading Chronicle:

Carly said: “They found her very early morning so it could of been a day or so. But was in terribly shock, cold and wing trauma, she couldn't fly. After being gently untangled out of the old fishing line, Luna was wrapped in a pink blanket and rushed for treatment on her right wing, while being kept hydrated to nurse the shock.

Reading Chronicle: Carly nursing Luna the owl back to healthCarly nursing Luna the owl back to health

"I deal a lot with wildlife casualties and see it a lot were they do die - fishers - anglers leave behind the hooks and lines and it's so simple for them to un snag and place in the bin."

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Luna spent two weeks with Carly, who provided her with critical care whilst closely monitoring her progress each day.

Reading Chronicle: Photo by Tina Cleary Photo by Tina Cleary

On Friday, January 21, Luna was released back into the wild.

The wildlife expert is now urging anglers to bin their tools properly after Luna "could have died."

Carly said: “This makes all my self-funded and voluntary work so meaningful, but I urge anglers to dispose of their litter properly – it is frustrating that those who don’t may not have realised how dangerous it is to animals.

"Discarded line, in particular, is a terrible hazard for wildlife, especially as it can be almost invisible.

"I will never forget my time spent with Luna the owl.”