Dog owners are warning people to be 'vigilant' after their pets reportedly became ill after going for a walk.

One woman claimed her dog 'started to be sick' after he was taken for a walk in Prospect Park, Reading

She warned pet owners on Reading Dog Owners Facebook Group and said: "My partner took our boy for a walk in Prospect Park and a few hours later he wasn’t feeling well and he’s just woken me up to be sick.

"I’ve heard of a bug going around the canine world."

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According to The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET), vets are seeing a higher than usual occurrence of gastroenteritis in dogs in recent weeks.

The issue seems to be affecting dog owners across Berkshire.

Samantha Doe from Bracknell took her energetic nine-month-old puppy Rhu to Englemere Pond on Friday, January 21.

Reading Chronicle:

The following day she said Rhu started acting differently from her normal self and was rushed to the vets.

Samantha, a registered veterinary nurse, said: "She’s feeling better today but still not 100 per cent. I’m not sure what it is. All I know is it’s a tummy bug.

"She’s been ill since Saturday 22 and was hospitalised and on fluids with supportive treatment for vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy, but this one has affected her a lot quicker and more so than normal.

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Reading Chronicle:

Samantha is warning dog owners to watch what their pets are eating and drinking when visiting local parks.

Adding: "Be vigilant on dog walks and what their dogs eat and drink etc and if at all worried to seek vets advice."