A GRIPPING Netflix documentary spills the secrets behind Robert Freegard, an international con-artist who is reportedly living in Berkshire.

Documentary The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman is about Robert Hendy-Freegard, a conman who "controlled, conned and fleeced at least seven women and one man, stealing close to a million pounds".

As well as detailing his past crimes, the docuseries hones in on a family who fear for their mother's safety.

Robert Hendy-Freegard was jailed in 2005 and labelled “the puppet master” for the control he exercised over victims.

Over ten years he duped seven women and a man, convincing them they were IRA targets and persuading them to cut themselves off from friends and family.

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Hendy-Freegard's whereabouts is unknown, although The Times said they 'tracked him down to a house in Berkshire' where dogs were shut in a room upstairs.

The Netflix documentary will reveal that he is in a relationship with a woman called Sandra Clifton, 49, whose family have not seen her since 2014.

Her two children Jake, 25, and Sophie, 28, feature in the docuseries where they believe Hendy-Freegard is coercively controlling their mother.

According to the Times, "he strongly denied allegations that he was controlling his new partner and said in a written statement that he had been “publicly castigated” for “such a long time” for his previous crimes."

The Times reported: "Last week we tracked him down to a house in Berkshire. Pictured for the first time in many years, Hendy-Freegard did not want to speak on the record at first. The house had rubbish all over the floor, and dogs were shut in a room upstairs.

"Later he phoned a woman he said was Sandra, saved in his phone as “hot stuff Sandra” and remained on the call, during which she said she was not being coercively controlled by her partner. She did not speak to the reporter independently and would not reveal where she was.

"Yesterday Clifton’s daughter Sophie told The Times Magazine that she felt “totally brainwashed” by Hendy-Freegard when he moved into the family home when she was younger, causing her to cut her father out of her life."

The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman is available now on Netflix.