Reading is suffering from a rapid spike in Covid cases – with numbers doubling in five areas.

Just two weeks ago, Government data showed that most of the town was recovering and cases were on the decline.

But in the seven days to November 17, the latest data available, 17 areas reported an increase when compared to the week before.

One reported no change, and the remaining two saw a decline.

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Reading Chronicle:

Cases doubled (or more than doubled) in: Caversham Balmore Park, 61 cases, up 33 or 117.9%; Lower Caversham, 51 cases, up 34 or 200.0%; Southampton Street & Redlands Road, 48 cases, up 26 or 118.2%; Kennet Island & Green Park, 74 cases, up 15 , or 25.4%; and Whitley Wood, 46 cases, up 21 or 84.0%.

Burghfield Common now has a case rate higher than 900 per 100,000 people, meaning it is in the worst category possible.

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Reading Chronicle:

As a whole, Reading reported 706 cases, up 242 or 52.2%. This is a case rate of 440.3 per 100,000 people.

To show you the bigger picture, two weeks ago the town recorded 543 cases. A case rate of 338.7 per 100,000.

Clusters are shown when there are three or more new cases reported at any one time.

Anywhere with between zero and two cases are shown in white in order to "protect the privacy of individuals and prevent disclosure", the Government organisation states.

The latest data for the Reading areas:

Reading Central: 32 cases, up 17

Battle & Caversham Bridge: 33 cases, up by 6

Norcot South: 27 cases, up 6

Southcote: 25 cases, up 8

Coley Park: 16 cases, down 3

Southampton Street & Redlands Road: 48 cases, up 26

Palmer Park: 32 cases, up by 7

Earley: 43 cases, up by 7

Wokingham Road: 25 cases, up by 9

Leighton Park: 23 cases, down 1

Whitley Wood: 46 cases, up by 21

Burghfield Common: 54 cases, up by 31

Lower Earley North: 39 cases, up by 20

Caversham Heights: 51 cases, up by 34

Caversham Balmore Park: 61 cases, up by 33

Lower Caversham: 51 cases, up by 34

Tilehurst South: 52 cases, up by 16

Calcot North & Little Heath: 44 cases, up by 9