A UFO may have been spotted above Reading with 'two big lights', according to residents living near West Berkshire.

Neighbours reported seeing a "strange flying object" at around 11.30pm on Friday (November 19).

One resident got in touch with the Chronicle to say her husband saw an object "slowly moving towards central Reading."

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They said: "My husband just saw a strange flying object with two big lights in the sky in the Tilehurst. Looks like UFO, and slowly moved towards central Reading.

"We wonder if anyone else saw this on Reading or near?"

Reading Chronicle: Strange blue lights in the sky

A user on Facebook posted: "Did anybody else saw this last night in Newbury?What's up with it, what is it?

"It moved quite fast with almost no sound...and what's the small white lights?"

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Though some residents were sceptical of the UFO sighting due to a rail checking machine using infrared/UV light to check the structural integrity of the railway, others dismissed that explanation.

One resident jokingly said: "Totally, one hundred percent, Newbury aliens coming to take over the middle classes."