A meteorite may have been spotted landing near Reading ‘in a burst of flames’, according to residents of Theale.

Neighbours reported hearing a loud explosion ‘like a bomb’ at around 11pm on Wednesday and a possible landing in Beenham. 

One Facebook user posted: “[It] felt like my house shook and definitely didn’t feel like fireworks.”

Another agreed: “Yes we heard it too, my daughter was worried a bomb had gone off somewhere as we could actually feel the house vibrate.”

One man said he witnessed the phenomena: “It was a meteor, we saw it land over Beenham way in a burst of flames in one of the fields.”

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Meteorites begin as part of an asteroid orbiting the sun. When asteroids collide, fragments break away called meteoroids.

A meteoroid that strays too close to earth will enter the planets atmosphere and fall toward the ground.

Most will burn up leaving a trail of fiery light and these are called meteors – but any that reach the ground are termed meteorites.

Though some residents were sceptical of the sighting due to fireworks being let off regularly in early November, others dismissed that explanation.

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“It was absolutely huge, definitely more than just fireworks,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Our neighbouring group in Sulhamstead have just witnessed a meteor” wrote a woman.

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