A TRIP to Wetherspoons has become a part of British culture and we've all been partial to their cheap pints and affordable pub grubs.


When you're out with your friends or family, you can always rely on a J D Wetherspoon to sit and enjoy a drink and meal for a fraction of the price.

From bargain booze to budget-friendly meals for the family, Wetherspoons has a lot to offer and that's probably why they're so popular. 

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Across Berkshire, there are eight Wetherspoons pubs, and what people love more than a 'spoons is leaving a review of the pub after their visit. 

Thanks to Google Reviews we can see which Berkshire Wetherspoons have the highest (and lowest) ratings, from previous customers.

To save you the hassle, we've sorted through all of the reviews of Berkshire's Wetherspoons. Here's the best and worst: 

King and Castle, Windsor - 4.2 stars out of 3,254 reviews 

Reading Chronicle:

One of the best-rated spoons in the county is The popular King and Castle, where revellers love to meet before a night out at Atik or under the arches. 

One person went into detail as to why they love the pub: "Typical large menu of good food and range of beers, wines and spirits at very competitive pricing. Friendly efficient staff and the app ordering system is very fast and efficient. A great place for a drink, snack or meal when visiting wonderful Windsor."

Another added: "A great Weatherspoon with a side view of Windsor Castle. We ordered drinks a d food via the app and it arrived promptly."

The Old Manor-  4.1 stars out of 1,543 reviews

Reading Chronicle:

The only Soons in Bracknell has a fantastic rating although it has a mixed opinion of reviews from customers.

One person said: "This place was really dead inside and there just wasn’t a nice feel to it. Very dark and gloomy.
"Staff were very friendly and very helpful. Service was quick but wouldn’t be returning."

But then another said: "Nothing wrong with this pub. It's clean, got plenty of space, loos are fine, service is fine, with the option to order for the table using their app. It's excellent value for money."

The Windlesora, Windsor - 4.1 out of 552 reviews

Reading Chronicle:

This Wetherspoon near Atik nightclub has the least reviews out of all the pubs in Berkshire, but it has been rated highly, however. 

One person said: "Typical Wetherspoon good food cheap drinks and this one situated well in Windsor to have lunch, a shop and a good look round."

Another suggested it was cheaper than the pub opposite Windsor Castle. 

"Small spoons pub, no space for a garden although a couple of outside tables. Usual sticky tables you get in every spoons pub. Team are friendly and helpful, and try their best to be vigilant. This pub is cheaper than the big pub opposite the castle."

The Bear, Maidenhead- 4.0 stars out of 1,567

Reading Chronicle:

Another top rated Wetherspoon is the iconic Bear in Maidenhead.

One happy customer said: "A really good place to meet up with old & new friends we had a great time here."

Another praised the selection of gins on offer: "Amazing options if you are a gin lover. They also have good vegan and veg options. Ordering from the app to get table service is a pretty good option here."

The Moon and Spoon - 4.1 out of 1,286

Reading Chronicle:

Another top-rated Wetherspoons is the Moon and Spoon in Slough High Street.

It's a great child-friendly pub with fantastic food: "Brilliant pub. Excellent staff. Bargin food. If you want a child friendly pub to eat n drink with kids at a great price you cant go wrong here."

Although a 'little slow' the bar staff were praised for being welcoming: "Bar Staff are very welcoming and friendly and family-friendly. Bar Staff are a little slow when busy. Food is exceptional really good food really cheap. An absolute must to visit if you're in town." 

Back of Beyond, Reading 4.1 out of 1,662 

Reading Chronicle:

The beer selection 'isn't that great at this pub in King's Road but food and the atmosphere is top-notch.

Although receiving criticism on Tripadvisor and having reviews suspended, Back of Beyond has been revealed as a "Typical Wetherspoon pub, large with an outside area at the back. Value driven prices so always a good deal for food and drink." 

Another reviewer said: "Good place for a drink and a bite to eat at a very reasonable price!"

The Hope Tap, Reading 4.0 out of 2,438 reviews 


The Hope Tap in Friar Street received a mixed response from customers with some saying it's good for food whilst other's said the atmosphere 'could be better'. 

One person said: "Good food, good price. The atReading Chronicle: The Hope Tap in Readingmosphere could be better but overall a nice Wetherspoon!"

Another person said: "Fast service. Pretty much good drinks apart from flat coke from tap gun. But I ask for better quality and I'll be offer one for can which was way better"

 The Hatchet Inn, Newbury -  4.0 out of 1,736

Reading Chronicle:

This pub also received a good rating on Google with reviewers liking the fact that it's just a typical spoons.

One person said: "It's a Wetherspoon, you know what to expect, food orders are prompt, good priced drinks and friendly staff. Only downside to most Wetherspoons is the dreary decor."

Another added: "Quick service as always, ok quality, good portion size, very friendly and kind staff."