THIS Wetherspoon pub has been slammed as having "cold food" and "diabolical service".

Unsatisfied customers of Back of Beyond in King's Road deemed the pub to be the worst Wetherspoons in Reading, with almost 59 below average reviews.

Taking to Tripadvisor, disgruntled punters slammed the chain as "terrible" with "cold" and "inedible" food.

On one occasion, a furious customer gave the pub one star after having "burgers grilled to a crisp and then microwave re-heated to be tougher than old boots " as their meal.

To let you be the judge, we complied with some of the worst one-star reviews.

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Inedible burgers ...

"This pub is consistently abysmal when it comes to anything more than fries or pre-cooked pastas.

"Sad dry fishcakes, burgers grilled to a crisp and then microwave re-heated to be tougher than old boots (couldn't be cut with the cutlery provided!), limp soggy salads... would I trust them with a steak?"

'Food sub standard if the service was not so diabolical'

"We have both eaten in many Wetherspoons establishments over the years all around the country and have always found them warm and welcoming with good wholesome fare at great prices but the back and beyond was not one of them by a long shot.

"The food arrived at the table just as we had finished ordering which would be fine if it was cooked properly and not cold and looked like it had been standing waiting for us since the morning."

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'Rice served in a microwave bag'

"I ordered one of the curries and my rice was served still in it's microwave bag! I was honestly in a state of shock when the plate was put in front of me, I didn't know what to say. The waitress acted as if it was normal!

"I just don't understand how a plate of food can leave the kitchen with the rice sat in a microwave bag, without any staff noticing?"

'Miserable staff'

"I have never been in an establishment with so many miserable staff! No manners, not a please or thank you in sight"

We approached Wetherspoons for a comment on the one-star reviews given for Back of Beyond.

Eddie Gershon, Wetherspoon spokesman said: "The Back of Beyond is one of the most popular pubs in Reading and attracts thousands of customers each week.

“ The pub has excellent staff who work hard to ensure that customers enjoy the best experience every time they visit.

“People are entitled to their opinions, however, Tripadvisor reviews should be read with a healthy level of scepticism.”