A WOMAN feels infuriated after claiming she was kicked out of Reading Wetherspoons for being dressed 'inappropriately'. 

Mollie Wood said she visited Back of Beyond Wetherspoons in Reading on Sunday at 8pm.

She posted a video on TikTok about her experience of how she was denied entry because her cleavage was "comparable to men taking their tops off". 

Mollie and her friend were allowed inside the pub and checked in but were told before being seated that their outfits were 'inappropriate'. 

Reading Chronicle: Video by Mollie Wood on TikTok of her outfit Video by Mollie Wood on TikTok of her outfit

In the video, she said: "So basically we got denied entry at Wetherspoons. We got allowed in, we checked in, we got ID'd and we were wearing this top and a midi skirt and then we got halfway through and we got denied entry to sit down because apparently, we were wearing inappropriate wear at a Wetherspoons.

"Then we asked for the reason they said it is because we are comparable to men taking their tops off."

Mollie and her friend continued to rant in the video about how women with 'bigger boobs' are always over-sexualised.

Adding: "Why do women with bigger boobs are we sexualised to the extent where it is compared to men who don't wear tops. 

"Why are cleavage and boobs inappropriate. These are literally made for children. Why are boobs so over-sexualised to the point that we were allowed with these on Tuesday but in 26-degree heat we were not allowed in. I am so infuriated at this Wetherspoons."  

Wetherspoons have stuck by their dress code policy and believe the way the women were dressed was considered 'inappropriate'.

Eddie Gersho, a Wetherspoon spokesman, said: “Two female customers visited the Back of Beyond pub in Reading on Sunday evening at approximately 7.40pm.

“Shortly after entering, the customers were politely asked to leave the pub as, on consideration by the pub’s management team, their dress was not, in this particular case, in accordance with the company’s guidance to pubs on appropriate customer dress.

“What may be considered appropriate dress is invariably a matter of individual judgement and whilst no offence was intended to the two customers by the request to leave the pub, we support the approach of the pub’s management team in this instance.”