DRIVERS who just can’t park their cars correctly continue to amaze our readers – and this time, the examples of bad parking are even worse than before!

Take a look through some of the previous examples you sent us here

Our readers were fed-up with bad parking when we asked them to send us their pictures at the end of last month, but now they’re furious – leaving notes under the windscreen wipers of errant vehicles, and shaming the most inconveniently parked motorists.

Among the worst offenders this time is a car, which ‘thinks it's ok to block someone’s drive’ according to the photographer who spotted it.

Reading Chronicle:

The reader who spotted it said: "This person thought it was ok to block someone’s drive while they took their child into school on Caversham park village."

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One driver was clearly keen to get to Tesco in Caversham before it closes. 

Reading Chronicle: King meadow Caversham, TescoKing meadow Caversham, Tesco

The photo shows a car crashed on top of the barriers in the car park.

Delivery drivers have also caused a nuisance in and around Reading. 

The photo below shows a DPD van parked across the grass 'blocking the footpath'.

Reading Chronicle:

Van parked in Chiltern Crescent, Earley 

One mother trying to use the pavement was blocked by a bad parker on Prospect Street. 

Reading Chronicle:

She said: "I have a pushchair and wanted to cross the zebra crossing. Stood there for good 10 mins."

More bad parking is shown in Gosbrook Road with the pavement blocked off forcing a mum to walk on the road with her son.

Reading Chronicle:

Have you seen worse examples of parking than this? Can you top not only these offenders but our last batch of bad apples?

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