"ECSTATIC" staff at a town centre hairdressers have been rewarded for their extensive efforts in keeping the salon Covid-safe.

Nylon Hair Artists, based in Duke Street, Reading, appeared in a Telegraph article rounding up the top 50 'best Covid secure' hair and beauty salons.

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"I was ecstatic when I heard", said owner Claire Higgs.

"It's so nice to be acknowledged, especially in these really challenging times."

Claire explained how, when the Covid-19 outbreak began, herself and colleagues carried out immediate risk assessments at the independent salon before implementing screens to separate clients, hand sanitisers, barriers, symptom checks, mandatory face mask rules and more.

Like other businesses, hair and beauty salons have suffered during the pandemic, having to close throughout the two lockdowns and having to limit capacity upon reopening.

Claire said: "We only use every other section in the salon now, so that's cut our capacity down by about 50 per cent, which has had a big impact of us financially, but you've got to keep positive.

"We've just had to keep on top of all the guidelines and do everything we can."

While the salon was open in between the lockdowns, and once again now, Claire said her main aim is to keep clients feeling both relaxed and safe.

"All staff wear visors and face masks, and all clients have to wear face masks.

"It makes it difficult when trying to interact with and talk to the clients, but has given us some funny stories!"

Claire classed herself and her employees are "very lucky" in terms of community support, adding that other independent salons in the town continue to support each other too.

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"We keep in touch with the clients on social media, where we update them," she added.

Reflecting on being selected as one of the best in the UK, Claire said: "I would like to thank the team and the clients for their continued support, as without that and them taking on the extra work we have to do now we wouldn't have achieved this."