A MAP indicating the health levels across the UK has highlighted which parts of Berkshire are the most - and least - healthy.

The map, by the Geographic Data Science Lab, measures Access to Health Assets and Hazards (AHAH).

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The index for the UK shows how “healthy” neighbourhoods are, based on: access retailers such as fast food outlets, pubs, gambling outlets and off-licences; access to health services; air quality and access to natural environment.

Using the map, certain areas in Berkshire can be deemed "health hotspots", while others show a more concerning trend.

According to the data, central Reading, Windsor and Slough have the least healthy town centres in Berkshire.

The map highlights areas based on colour, and ranks towns from "1st" to "10th", with one being the best in terms of health and 10 being the worst.

Berkshire ranked by town centre health

1. Theale

Rating: First

Score: 9.272

Reading Chronicle: Reading Chronicle:

Theale score

2. Ascot

Rating: Second

Score: 13.307

3. Pangbourne

Rating: Fourth

Score: 17.209

4. Thatcham

Rating: Fourth

Score: 17.326

5. Bracknell

Rating: Fifth

Score: 18.797

6. Wokingham

Rating: Sixth

Score: 20.840

7. Maidenhead

Rating: Seventh

Score: 23.250

8. Newbury

Rating: Eighth

Score: 26.103

9. Windsor

Rating: Ninth

Score: 28.963

10. Central Reading

Rating: Tenth

Score: 33.223

11. Slough

Rating: Tenth

Score: 34.532

Reading Chronicle: Reading Chronicle:

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This list provides an accurate view of the town's main centres, but rankings and scores also vary within areas of each town.

To view the map and check out your own area, click here.