THE MOST dangerous areas in Reading have been revealed.

Crime stats for the town from the latest month available (October) shows exactly where many of the hundreds of crimes took place - and which parts of the town you may want to avoid.

A total of 514 crimes were reported in central Reading during this time.

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Police.UK reveals where the most crime took place, and a break down of every street as well as every specific area - this article will focus on key locations throughout Reading.

Most dangerous areas:

1. In or near a supermarket

A total of 44 crimes were reported in or near a supermarket in Reading throughout October 2020.

The most common of these was antisocial behaviour, with shoplifting coming second.

2. On/near a shopping area

Reading Chronicle:

In or near shopping centres such as The Oracle, 38 crimes were reported throughout the month.

Of these, the map shows that 15 were related to shoplifting.

Antisocial behaviour, burglary and "other crime" were also reported in these areas.

3. On/near a nightclub

There were a total of 20 crimes reported near nightclubs throughout October.

The most common in these areas were shoplifting, but violences/sexual offences and theft was also reported.

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4. At Reading Station

Reading Chronicle:

A total of 14 crimes were reported here.

Of these, five were violence/sexual offences; five were classed as 'other crime'; three were thefts and one was a bicycle theft.

5. On/near a petrol station

There were 13 crimes reported in or close to petrol stations throughout October.

Five of these were connected with violence/sexual offences; two were shoplifting offences; two were classed as "other theft" and one was classed as "other crime".