A READING school is today closed to an entire year group following a confirmed Covid-19 case.

Waingels College, based on Waingels Road in Woodley, confirmed on social media yesterday (Sunday, November 29) that a student in Year 9 had been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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The announcement read: "We will not be able to track and trace close contacts until tomorrow.

"Therefore, we are asking for ALL Year 9 students to stay at home tomorrow - Monday November 30th.

"As soon as we have completed the track and trace process in school, we will update you all - I expect this will be in the afternoon tomorrow.

"Please accept our apologies for the late and short notice of this communication.

"We only became aware of the situation this evening."

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Last week, Highdown School also asked a year group to remain at home following a positive Covid test result.

The school confirmed on its website that all of Year 9 students are expected to stay at home until November 27.

Waingels College has been contacted for comment.