POLICE have revealed how the force will be operating throughout the Thames Valley as towns implement Tier restrictions.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) will continue to maintain normal services across the area, which will see all towns in Tier Two except Slough, which has been placed under Tier Three restrictions.

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TVP said part of this will be see the force adopting the 'Four Es' approach:

  • Engage with the public to understand the circumstances
  • Explain the regulations and why they are in place to protect public health
  • Encourage people to follow the rules voluntarily in order to protect themselves and others
  • Enforce only as a last resort, either by fixed penalty notice, or if necessary by arrest

TVP said officers have a duty to enforce the regulations, but that it is important that they use their reasonable judgement in doing so fairly. The force will continue to deal with suspected breaches of the regulations whilst using enforcement powers only when necessary to protect public health or to deal with repeated and blatant breaches.

New officers

New statistics show that nearly 6,000 extra officers have been recruited in the first year of the government’s major police recruitment drive, with 260 more in Thames Valley alone.

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TVP said that this confirms that the government is on track to deliver 20,000 extra officers by 2023, and is ahead of schedule to have the first 6,000 in place by March 2021

The addition of these new officers brings the total number of police across Thames Valley up to 4,510, meaning there are now more frontline officers on the streets.