A SPATE of burglaries where bikes have been stolen and sheds broken into has been reported to the police

Police have reported a 'rise in burglaries' in areas across Whitley, Reading particularly as the Christmas period draws closer.

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There has been five reports of burglaries taking place in Northcourt Avenue, Basingstoke Road, Staverton Road, Stanhope Road and Camelford Close.

Reading Chronicle:

Burglars have been garden hopping and stealing bikes from insecure sheds and then opening back doors to try and steal items inside the house.

It is not known if the burglaries are connected and when exactly they happened.

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As part of Thames Valley Police Advent campaign to keep people safe, a series of tweets were posted reporting multiple burglaries in the area.

Residents are warned to stay vigilant and keep their patio and rear doors locked and remove keys from the locks, even if you are at home.

Neighbours are also being urged to check on one another and especially elderly residents who may be vulnerable.