Barnsley head coach Valerian Ismael issued a scathing rant about the conduct of the Reading FC coaching staff after Friday's draw.

Tensions were high on the sideline, with both sets of coaching staff becoming embroiled in a argument during the second half after Barnsley drew level.

Speaking on the incident, Ismael said: "I can understand that we are crashing the party for a lot of big teams that want to go in the play-offs and it's a surprise for everyone that we are there.

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"They spoke with us and the referee in another language. I understand this language a little bit and I know it is a disrespectful word.

"I never saw something like this. We felt the pressure on Reading, and we need emotion in football, but they were disrespectful and they crossed the line.

"We are not the small one at Barnsley, are a professional team and we fight for the point. Sometimes we have to say our mind to say you went too far."

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Reacting to the comments, Paunovic said: "This is how I see it, what happens on the sidelines stays on the sidelines.

"But, that is not true. What I'm trying to say is they are involved.

"I'm dissapointed to hear that comment from a colleague."