After achieving the ‘Green Flag Award’, the Eco-Committee at Little Heath School are transforming a neglected area of the centre into a haven for wildlife.

The group led by ex-Little Heath Student Michaela Wombwell worked through harsh weather conditions to clear years’ worth of litter, dumped building materials, and rubble.

Many of the found items and natural materials will be repurposed as wildlife habitats and bug hotels.

Michaela Wombwell said: “It was an excellent opportunity for us as a team to step away from our typical workday and hopefully have an impact for both the school and biodiversity of the area.”

“A huge thank you to Emma for allowing us to be part of this exciting project, we look forward to seeing the results!”

Those involved will develop the space to increase biodiversity. They hope to encourage birds, insects, and wildlife to the area, as well as planting native wildflowers and pollinator-friendly plants.

The space will act as a place for outdoor learning where the committee will be able to share the space with students as well as children from local primary schools.

They also hope the space will be used as an outdoor well-being for staff.

EL1 P&G intern John Jones said: “I think we made a great start on the area (despite the poor weather).”

“I hope that the Eco-Committee students can build off of the work we did and create a wonderful space for students to be outdoors and to learn.”