Dear editor,

Having suffered from prostate cancer, I do sometimes need to use the toilet whilst shopping in Slough. I do find that whole toilet cubicles are often out of order for an extraordinary amount of time.

The observatory toilets has been closed for almost four weeks. Around May, the Queensmere toilets were closed for about 6 weeks. When I complained to customer services, I was told a tank needed draining! 

In all my years of managing public buildings, I can't recall a toilet ever being out of order for more than 24 hours.

The management should also get rid of the posters outside Duke's House, Wellington Street which depict shoppers with bags from stores that closed down ages ago. Very misleading to visitors. 

A couple of other grumbles - why are the postal boxes in WH Smith emptied any time after 4 pm but they state "last collection 5 pm"? 

The photocopier on the ground floor of the Curve Library has been out of action since before Christmas. the only other copier is on the first floor and sometimes has a queue. When I mentioned this to a manager, she said "I'll have to put it on my list."

No wonder Slough is going to the dogs, 

Yours sincerely, 

R D Simpson