Another person has come forward amid a series of attacks where a catapult has been used to fire metal nuts at pedestrians. 

Robert Kimber, 68, said that he and his wife were walking back after doing their shopping along Reading road in Woodley on Thursday June 25. 

"I suddenly felt a pain just above my waist on the right hand side," Mr Kimber said. "I put my shopping down and thought what's this?"

Mr Kimber then found a metal nut which had fallen to the floor after hitting him. The nut had subsequently left a hexagonal mark on Mr Kimber's side which was bruised and bleeding from the shear force of the attack. 

"I was in shock and just kept thinking where has this come from," he said. "It hit me so hard. I looked at it closely and thought well it obviously hasn't come off a car because it was brand new.

"I vaguely sense that a vehicle had gone past."

Mr Kimber and his wife then got home and swiftly contacted the police to report what had happened to him. 

The police took his statement down and told him that what had happened to him amounted to an assault and promised to look into it. 

Mr Kimber then posted on the neighbourhood website Next Door to warn others of the attack and to ask if anyone saw anything or has CCTV that the police can look at. 

The post generated a lot of interactions, and Mr Kimber subsequently found out that others had also suffered injuries from these attacks. 

"The police then came and interviewed me the following Wednesday," he said. "And then they told me that there had been quite a few incidents that had been reported to them."

As previously reported, firefighter Vincent Williams, from Woodley, is among the several other local residents to have reported the attacks, which he said happened during a late morning jog at 11.56am on Tuesday, June 25. Read more here. 

A 19-year-old, from Surrey, was arrested as part of the investigation on suspicion of criminal damage and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The teenager has since been released on bail.

Police have been contacted to ask if there are any further updates. There comment will be added to this article upon receiving a response. 

If you too have fallen victim to these attacks, please email