A brand-new independent Italian restaurant has just opened and we think it looks great! 

Gourmet Pasta Co opened three weeks ago in Newbury and has already seen plenty of customers with many coming back for more. 

Owner Hugo Lesser, who previously had never worked in food before, found his love for these new types of pasta dishes whilst living in South America for a brief period of time.

"Our most popular dish at the moment is one of our gourmet pasta dishes from South America as opposed to the more traditional dishes," Mr Lesser said. 

The interior of the restaurant is bright and airy with plenty of seating. 

Jars full of colourful pasta feature next to tables, with sauces and other items on display for customers to buy and take home with them. 

Decadent brown booths line the sides of Gourmet Pasta Co with dark lacquered tables and chairs. 

Mr Lesser's team includes a chef who had trained with Gordan Ramsay who allegedly found the Italian South-American recipe idea inspiring. 

Their head chef also lived in Italy for ten years, so as great experience in all things pasta. 

"Our menu is a combination of classic Italian dishes with freshly made pasta and what we call gourmet pasta is all the Italian South American ones," Mr Lesser continued 

"All our pasta is freshly made on site and very few places do that as a focus. A lot used dried pasta with preservatives and so on. It's made on site here and tastes completely different."