One of Reading's oldest pubs has just reopened after getting a fresh makeover. 

The Rising Sun, managed by Benjamin Donald, has been thriving since re-opening its doors Tuesday June 25. 

The new interior of the pub now features reddish pink painted walls with fancy floral booths for customers to lounge on. 

Wooden tables and chairs highlight the wood accents of the building itself, complimenting the beamed ceiling. 

Other than a variety of potted plants that are placed throughout the establishment, the pub also features a large variety of paintings and drawings that hang on the walls. 

These include architectural studies of buildings and fine-line pictures of exotic birds. 

The setting is dark and intimate at the front of the pub, but once travelling through to the main restaurant area it gets a lot brighter. 

This part of The Rising Sun features red booths with accompanying green plush seating which in turn goes with the animal printed wall paper. 

The outside patio is also rather splendid and is decked out with both heaters and parasols to accommodate any weather. 

Mr Donald said that after the pub is fully up and running they plan to continue to be heavily involved in the local community.

"School fetes, working closely with the bid, that sort of thing," he said. "We are also planning to bring things back that the pub was always celebrated for before."

The Rising Sun has a rich history of live music with many having performed in the beloved establishment over the centuries it has been open.