GAIL’s, the neighbourhood craft bakery has announced the exciting news that it will open a new bakery in Newbury, welcoming customers from Thursday July 18 onwards. 

The bakery will take inspiration from Paddington Bear, as the author, Michael Bond, was born in Newbury in 1926.

The bakery subtly honours the popular fictional character as well as Michael’s legacy by incorporating marmalade shades in their feature lighting, seating areas and display tables.

GAIL’s have also retained and restored the building’s original ceilings, plasterwork and flooring. 

GAIL’s was started by Yael (Gail) Mejia in the early 1990’s serving top chefs and food venues in London.

In 2003, Tom Molnar and a few friends joined Yael’s premium wholesale craft bakery and grew the business by opening modern neighbourhood craft bakeries that bring communities together to enjoy chef-quality baking.

The first GAIL’s bakery opened in 2005 in Hampstead, serving fresh, handmade bread, sandwiches, salads, pastries, and cakes, alongside their carefully sourced house blend speciality coffee and barista made drink range

The new opening demonstrates GAIL’s ongoing commitment to making world-class, craft baking a part of every neighbourhood which has seen it open in 125 neighbourhoods across UK including London, Cambridge and across to Oxford, Brighton and Manchester.

GAIL’s commitment to sustainability and ‘Waste Not’ initiatives extend beyond their baking methods, as GAIL’s have used left over building materials from other bakeries and new environmentally friendly tabletops. 

The bakery will be situated at 1 Mansion House Street, Newbury, RG14 5ES.