After news broke of a chain coffee shop replacing a beloved independent pasty place, residents in Newbury have been debating the likelihood of the new establishment surviving. 

It seems that over the years many businesses have tried their luck at the premises on 21 Northbrook Street, but none have lasted longer than five years.

Resident Stephen Bate recently posted a photograph of the work currently being done to the building along with a vague timeline of the previous businesses that inhabited it.

He wrote "In 2019 (I think) this building was completely gutted from top to bottom and very carefully, tastefully and expensively fitted out as the Hog & Hedge.

"Then in 2021 it was completely gutted from top to bottom and carefully, tastefully and expensively fitted out and opened as the Bakers Lounge.

"So now in 2024 it has been completely gutted from top to bottom and is being rather carefully, tastefully and expensively fitted out as something new. Watch this space."

He went on to say that the place must be in his opinion the most renovated and therefore probably the most expensive little bit of space in all of West Berkshire.

It has since been confirmed that a chain of coffee houses will be taking over the occupancy. 

Esquires coffee shop will now be running from the same building. The popular franchise has dozens of coffee houses all over the UK. 

The company was asked to comment but have not responded as of yet. Their comment will be added once we have received it. 

Over 60 people took to the comment section of the post to share their views on the consistent 'gutting' of the property. 

One person said "The Bakers Lounge was amazing. A pint and a pasty in the sun was great and the owners were lovely. Real shame it closed."

In agreement with the previous comment, another person said "I walked past this the other day and couldn’t believe it was being gutted again."

A further person said "Whatever it is it won’t last unfortunately nothing does in Newbury anymore."

Some suggested that the fact that the owners must rent two floor means that the building must be incredibly expensive to maintain, so this may be the reason for the consistent closures.

One person said "Paying for two floors won’t be cheap. I think that’s partly why the last two coffee shops there folded."

It is also apparent that due to the cost of living crisis, more and more independents throughout Berkshire are really struggling. 

A staple of Reading's independent businesses sadly closed its doors for good last year.

As previously reported, The Grumpy Goat, located on Union Street, closed after its landlord gave it a week's notice to vacate the premises.