Residents have been raising concerns that their bins have not been collected for a number of weeks.

One such person said that the situation is particularly bad on Cholmeley Road, where bin services had not visited for a considerable amount of time.

Furthermore, neighbours have been complaining saying that on top of that current roadworks are making it very difficult for people to walk on the pavement given the waste bags strewn.

Pawan Bhurtel, a resident local to the area, posted a status recently on social media to raise awareness for the dire situation the street is currently in.

In a post to Facebook they said "Did they forget bin collection on Cholmeley Road again yesterday? They missed it last week too!

"Those white bin bags have been blocking the walkway for two weeks now, making it a nightmare to get past. On top of that, the never-ending roadworks and barriers make it even more inconvenient."

Dozens took to the comment section to air their grievances on the matter, many saying that they too are becoming increasingly annoyed about the lack of bin collections.

Many advised their neighbours to report to the council that the waste has not been dealt with. 

One commenter wrote "Yes two weeks now our bags haven't been collected. Try to report online and it says that the form isn't complete."

In agreement with the previous comment, another person wrote "Please everyone report! The bags are being ripped open by wildlife!"

Reading Borough Council have responded to the issues surrounding bin collections in the area.

They said that regarding Cholmeley Road, a collection scheduled for Tuesday June 4 was delayed, but completed the following day on Wednesday June 5.

A spokesperson for the council said the following statement: "We have also arranged for a crew to visit the site today to clear any additional bags left in areas which may be causing an obstruction on footways for residents."

Residents have also raised that ongoing road works on Cholmeley Road are causing issues as pedestrians are finding it difficult to pass on the pavements given the uncollected waste. 

One person wrote "They are digging up the road - not sure if its internet or something else - that section has suspended parking and big plastic barriers up all the way up from the corner shop to Freshwater junction!"

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