Residents in one of the town's most affluent neighbourhoods are becoming increasingly distressed after their rubbish has been left uncollected for almost a month. 

Locals to Caversham have expressed that the council has failed to collect their bins for up to three weeks, leaving their roads in disarray. 

One such neighbour posted to social media to raise awareness for this issue. 


Simon Christopher Godwin posted a status on Facebook that read "Is anyone experiencing problems with bin collection? Mine have not been done for two weeks now!"

Dozens took to the comment section of the post to air their grievances on the matter, many expressing that they too were dealing with the same problem. 

One person said "Our recycling and garden bins have been emptied today but not our food bin! That has been a day late for the last 3 weeks."

Echoing the same sentiment of the previous comment, another person wrote "Green bins not emptied yet off Queensway, but they are often late."

A further person wrote "Rubbish collection has been rather haphazard for a year. First green bins and now it seems to be food waste. Please keep a note of the missed bins and get your councillor involved. I keep mine updated regularly.

"They gave a rebate on the green bins last year due to the lateness but the basic turnaround of food waste is essential they should be getting that covered. Please keep reporting it."

The council has advised that residents in Caversham should continue to leave any uncollected bins out and they will collect them as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for the council said the following:

"We apologise for any service disruption and thank residents for their patience as we catch up."

Many suggested that the reason for the lack of collections may be due to the teams catching up after the series of May bank holiday weekends. 

One person said "Bank Holidays and workers having Holidays and people being sick. All you people that moan. Try and do this job and see how hard it is."

In response to the previous comment, another person wrote "The beauty of all this is that while Reading Borough charges massive amounts as council tax - there is not much in terms of service around food, rubbish and recycling bins or road maintenance to show for…and wait I have to pay separately for green waste which doesn’t also get collected on time!"