The public has accused a mysterious person of clearing the shelves of BBQ staples in a local budget supermarket. 

On Friday May 31 in a recent post to social media, one neighbour enquired if anyone noticed a 'tall bloke' buying up all the Corona beers and brioche buns in Aldi.

Daniel Mander wrote on Facebook "Did anyone see a tall bloke in Aldi buying up all the Corona and Brioche rolls today?

"None left!!"

Dozens took to the comment section of the post to air their grievances on the matter, many expressing that their Friday night plans had been thwarted due to the mystery man's actions. 

One particularly angry customer wrote the following statement: 

"This happens all the time in all supermarkets especially when things are on offer! They buy to sell in their own shops or for their restaurants or even in the kebab vans!

"It’s much cheaper than the wholesalers now!! I blame the shops, it’s them who need to put a stop to it."

The customer went on to suggest that the cost of living crisis may be the reason why food vendors feel the need to buy from budget supermarkets such as Aldi rather than wholesalers 

"Food is stupidly high prices anyway then people struggling can’t even get a loaf of bread etc because greedy businesses have bought it. So wrong and it needs to be stopped."

A further person said "Most shops won’t allow more than 20 of each purely for that reason."