A DeafBlind social media influencer has won an RNIB See Differently Award in recognition of her work to improve the accessibility of websites and social media content.

Molly Watt, 29, who has Usher Syndrome which is a genetic disorder that affects hearing, balance and vision, won Best Content Creator of the Year.

The category is supported by Netflix and the award acknowledges someone who uses social media to break down barriers faced by blind and partially sighted people and galvanise support for a social issue.

Molly was born deaf, began losing her sight when she was 12 years old and was registered as severely sight impaired at 14. Molly described those two years as a “scary” time and began blogging about her experience with Usher Syndrome.  

Molly works full-time for a human-centred website design agency called Nexer Digital, supporting clients to improve the accessibility of their online offerings.

She also helps run the Molly Watt Trust, which raises awareness of Usher Syndrome and enables people with the condition to access assistive technology. 

In relation to winning the award, Molly said: “I started this journey when I was aged 15 and it’s nice to be recognised, it feels surreal.

"It’s important for people to know that everyone in the blind and partially sighted community are all individuals, with their own experiences, and to never stereotype or assume.

"Please embrace us, employ us, we are valuable, and I will continue to use my platform to encourage this. Thank you RNIB for this award.”