It's May bank holiday weekend once again and we know a lot of you will be planning lots of fun things to do whilst out and about. 

But will the weather forecast permit this? Will we see another sunny few days? Let's find out! 

Here is the latest forecast for Berkshire over the bank holiday weekend. Enjoy! 

The weather in Reading over the next few days isn't looking too bad, although it will get slightly wetter towards the end of the weekend. 

On Saturday May 25 the town will see highs of 19 and lows of 11 degrees with sunshine and a gentle breeze throughout most of the day. 

Sunday will be considerably wetter with a chance of light rain and a moderate breeze predicted all day.

This carries on through to Monday which is predicted to see light showers and a gentle breeze with highs of 17 and lows of eight. 

The weather in Bracknell is looking like much of the same with highs of 20 and lows of 11 on Saturday. The weather is predicted to be sunny with a gentle breeze.

However, like Reading, the weather gets considerably wetter over the Sunday and Monday with a chance of showers predicted throughout with highs of 19 and lows of eight. 

Slough is also much of the same. Saturday is looking pretty warm and sunny with highs of 20 and lows of 12.

The weather then gets worse with a chance of rain throughout Sunday and Monday with highs of 18 and lows of eight.