A woman, who grew up within the pub industry, has returned home after many years to take on an exciting new venture. 

Charlotte Grant, 43, grew up in Spencers wood and has recently returned to the area to become the new landlady of The Swan at Three Mile Cross. 

"It's been really amazing," she said. "I never thought I'd move back to the village. I grew up in Spencers Wood in a pub that was called the Red Lion which closed in 1997.

"I've been in the pub industry pretty much since I was born. I never thought I'd come back to take over the swan but here I am."

Ms Grant said that her father notified her that The Swan was up for sale and encouraged her to take the business on. 

Both of Ms Grant's parents still live in Spencers Wood. 

"He kept going past it and saying that there was a sign up outside and just kept telling me to go and check it out," Ms Grant said. 

"I kept telling him that I was busy, but I finally went and had a look around it. As soon as I did I completely fell in love with it and the rest is history."

Ms Grant says that she believes a pub should be the beating heart of the village, and wants the swan to stick to the fundamentals of a great community pub. 

She said that this area has been crying out for something of this nature for quite some time. 

"This pub was closed for four years and everyone was so eager to get the pub back up and running after Covid," Ms Grant said.

"The area has been really lacking a great local pub and I do think there is a lot to be said for what a pub brings to a community."

Other than traditional values, Ms Grant also wants to bring in elements of the modern day and age, and plans to host live music events and comedy shows. 

All the food at the pub is homemade and most is locally sourced. "I really want to supply that safe space for all of the community to come in, have a lovely meal, have a great drink, listen to some good music."

Ms Grant also said she is getting Sky Sports to come in so she can show football, rugby, and other sport matches on televisions inside the pub.