A family have been left heartbroken after their beloved father suddenly died whilst on holiday at his favourite Spanish resort. 

Lovingly known as 'Musher,' John Milsom, who lived in Tadley all his life, considered himself a mega fan of the hit TV show Benidorm and went on holiday there frequently. 

However, after ordering a beer at one of his favourite Benidorm haunts whilst celebrating his Birthday, Mr Milsom tragically suffered a heart attack.

"He was a character," Danielle Johnson, Mr Milsom's daughter, said. "He used to dress up every time we'd go to Benidorm. 

"He dressed up as Kenneth one time. Wherever the party was he would be there, everyone knew my dad like that. We started going to Benidorm a few years ago and went last year for his 60th."

Mr Milsom was this year celebrating his 61st Birthday whilst on holiday with his other daughter and granddaughter. 

Described by Mrs Johnson to 'absolutely love Benidorm,' Mr Milsom used to watch the show every night and has actually got photographs with members of the cast. 

He also managed to bag a gettogether with Benidorm's writer Derren Litten as he has a bar out there called Mateo's and often drinks with customers. 

"My dad was the funniest person you'd ever meet," Mrs Johnson said.

"He was very caring, he was never rich but gave our kids everything the needed. He was my mum's full time carer, and he now has 10 grandchildren.

"He was the light of the party. He loved karaoke, he was just one of a kind. you would just never meet someone like my dad.'

On the night that Mr Milsom sadly passed away, himself and his family were all sat at a bar and he had just ordered a pint from the waiter. 

Mr Milsom then appeared to be having a stroke and subsequently fell to the floor. 

"My sister rang me straight away," Mrs Johnson said. "It was so hard being over here and not being able to help or anything.

"My mum and my sister were then stuck out there for five days or so, it was really awful. It still doesn't feel real, it's almost like he could still walk through the door at any minute."

The Milsom family are raising money via GoFundMe to give their beloved father, and grandad, the best send off they possibly can.

If you would like to donate to their cause, click here.