A group of superstar canines met today for an exciting new venture. 

Today Saturday May 18 three fluffy friends made their film debut in a secondary school in Crowthorne. 

These three small dogs are called Bella, Jingle, and Leo, and they will be starring alongside 50 other King Charles Spaniel dogs and puppies in the new major motion picture 'Lost in Puppyville.' 

Written and directed by David Rivers, the film is 90 minutes long will be a mix of 3D and live-action Cavalier puppies.

The plot is based on one of Rivers' own literary works - Sleepy The Magical Bear Adventures Books which he wrote back in 2011.

"There's about 16 books in the series," he said. "I have a King Charles Spaniel myself called Dubz, and she will be in the film. 

"There are about 180 people on the crew and we've got an amazing cast including actors from The Hobbit and other notable films."

The filming will take place on a green screen at Edgebarrow School in Crowthorne and will also commence in other locations in the UK such as in Manchester and Birmingham. 

The dogs will act in a variety of different scenes, whether that be on a beach, flying around on surfboards, or in an ice cream parlour. 

Speaking to the owner of Bella, an esteemed show dog who has just returned from Crufts, Sasha Boonwaat said she is really excited for her precious Cavalier to be part of such an exciting project. 

"We're all here from King Charles Cavaliers Berkshire. We meet up monthly and have group walks together," she said. 

"My Bella, she's such a queen. She's got an Instagram account with over ten thousand followers. We try to do one show a month with her.

"She enjoys the meet-ups because she's like a socialite. She's going to be a movie star now, we came back from a show recently and said all she needs to do now is be in a movie, and now here we are."

King Charles Cavaliers Berkshire originally started as a small group with only a few members, but they now boast over 400 owners and dogs. 

The club has been going for three years. Their last meet-up was at Windsor Castle.

Sasha continued: "It's so exciting for Bella to be included in this film, we saw David's post on the UK Cavaliers site and we just knew that we wanted to go for it, and opened it up to the entire group."

Lost in Puppyville is due to hit screens in 2025.