Residents are becoming increasingly agitated over a notorious alleyway in Whitley that has become a hot spot for fly tipping and dog waste. 

The alleyway from Basingstoke Road leading through to Morrisons car park has been nicknamed by locals rat alley due to the amount of rubbish and waste left there by the public. 

On a particular part that pedestrians can walk through there is allegedly always smashed glass, dog waste, and rubbish. 

Long time resident in the area Sharon said that the fly tipping situation in Whitley has gotten out of control. 

"It's almost like that's what the alleys are for around Whitley, to dump stuff," she said. "We need bigger bins. I would say people are dumping stuff on a weekly basis.

"They council will then get notified, they'll come and clear it up and the next day more rubbish will be there because people have dumped it again."

Sharon said that the alleyway by morrisons is known as rat alley, and dog s*** alley, because no one is picking up the 'crap' that gets left there on a daily basis. 

"It's such a sad state that the neighbourhood is in," she said. "Like I say, welcome to Whitley! Such a shame for people who live here and want to take pride in where their home is."

A spokesperson for the council has said that despite the alleyway being privately owned so therefore out of the council's control, it is unacceptable that people are fly tipping on the land.

"The alleyway from Basingstoke Road leading through to Morrisons car park is privately owned and while it is completely unacceptable that some people are choosing to fly tip, as it is privately owned it  would not be maintained or cleaned by the Council," they said. 

"The relevant landowners will be contacted to request clearance of their land as soon as possible."

Sharon said that as soon as the rubbish is cleared away in rat alley more will be fly tipped over the next day or so. 

She said that this is a huge issue as so many people use that path, including disabled people and people with guide dogs. 

"A lady on Facebook suggested that Morrisons could be brought forward so the alleyway wouldn't be there anymore," Sharon said.

"Or maybe they could put a camera there. It's absolutely disgusting, I've been here for a long time and it puts you on such a downer looking at it."