A rare snake has been photographed in Berkshire amid warnings across the county that adders are consistently being noticed out and about due to warmer weather

When out walking in Swinley Forest Danijel Gogic noticed a highly uncommon black adder crossing his path. 

"I have seen and taken a photo of what appears to be an even less common black Adder snake. Photo taken on Saturday in Swinley Forest, just outside Forest Park Bracknell," Mr Gogic said.

"If I knew how rare these were I would have taken more and better photos."

This comes as residents have been told to stay vigilant after a number of the poisonous snakes been spotted around Berkshire's countryside areas. 

Adders, a snake rarely seen out and about in the UK, have been seen slithering around due to the warm weather we are currently experiencing. 

Newbury resident Simon Kirby posted a photograph of the small snake to social media along with words of advise for anyone who may encounter them. 

"The sun has brought the adders out at Snelsmore. Here's a beautiful youngster on a path, so do be careful," he said.

Mr Kirby went on to say that the adders are a wonderful addition to Snelmore's wildlife, and that people should show their respect for the rare snakes and not be too afraid of them. 

A number of people commented on the post to show their excitement. 

One person said "Oh wow! I'm never lucky enough to see snakes out over here!"