A Berkshire woman who recently appeared on a Channel 4 dating show has hit back after fellow contestants made comments about her age. 

Kelly Michelle Gray, 38, from Reading, went on Love Triangle to find her perfect match after years of unsuccessful romantic relationships. 

However, after previously connecting with fellow contestant Mike, Kelly moved out of their home for the last ten days and a younger woman moved in. 

Kelly said that she felt bullied after two women on the show told her to 'stop bringing up her age.'

After exclaiming that she was the eldest female on the show, one of the women told her that she was fed up of hearing about Kelly's age and that 'it doesn't matter.'

"My biological clock is ticking and I'm ready to meet someone, and she just wasn't getting it. Then the whole table erupted and told them they had no idea of the pressures women my age face."

Kelly said she was hurt by the comments especially due to the fact that it came from two women as she believes women should build each other up.

"I'm all about empowerment," she said. 

According to Channel 4, Love Triangle sees six singles (pickers) choose between just two handpicked partners (suitors).

Based on a connection made by texting only, the single and their chosen match meet on a blind date before taking the extraordinary step of moving in together, in the hope of fast-tracking their relationship.

What the singles don’t know, is that the pursuit of a ‘happy ever after’ comes with an explosive twist, when the rejected match arrives looking for love.

"I spent 10 days living with Mike, 24 hours a day. It was almost like six months of dating in one day, it was very intense," she said.

"It was very natural between us and we had chemistry straight away. Then a text came through at a dinner party we were having with the other couples saying that the person they rejected was going to be moving in and I was moving out.

"That was a s*** storm for me."

Kelly said she was devastated when Mike told her she would be leaving the house and was even more upset when he revealed that he also had a connection with the former rejected contestant.

"I came on the show to find someone," she said. "I'm 38, I want to settle down. It was so difficult, they put in a girl who was 10 years younger than me and that brought up a lot."

The big finale of Love Triangle is due to air tonight Thursday May 10 on Channel 4.