After a number of unlikely creatures have been seen slithering around local parks and basking in the sun, the NHS has released guidance for what to do if you're bitten by an adder. 

Newbury resident Simon Kirby recently posted a photograph of the small snake to social media.

"The sun has brought the adders out at Snelsmore. Here's a beautiful youngster on a path, so do be careful," he said.

According to the NHS, most snake bites in the UK are not serious. But it's important to get all snake bites checked as soon as possible and if you are bitten you should go to A&E.

Here is the NHS' list of things to do if you have been bitten by an adder:

Stay calm – most snake bites in the UK are not serious and can be treated

Keep the part of your body that was bitten as still as you can

Lie in the recovery position if you can

Take paracetamol for any pain

Try to remember the colour and pattern of the snake to tell the doctor

Take off any jewellery and loosen clothes near the bite, in case the skin swells

You'll usually need to stay in hospital for at least 24 hours if you've been bitten by a snake.

The bite will be cleaned and bandaged. You may be given an injection to help protect you from tetanus.

If you were bitten by a poisonous (venomous) snake, like an adder, you'll be treated with a medicine to fight the venom.