Residents have been told to stay vigilant after a number of unlikely creatures have been spotted around Berkshire's countryside areas. 

Adders, a poisonous snake rarely seen out and about in the UK, have been seen slithering around due to the warm weather we are currently experiencing. 

Newbury resident Simon Kirby posted a photograph of the small snake to social media along with words of advise for anyone who may encounter them. 

"The sun has brought the adders out at Snelsmore. Here's a beautiful youngster on a path, so do be careful," he said.

Mr Kirby went on to say that the adders are a wonderful addition to Snelmore's wildlife, and that people should show their respect for the rare snakes and not be too afraid of them. 

A number of people commented on the post to show their excitement. 

One person said "Oh wow! I'm never lucky enough to see snakes out over here!"