With many gearing up to go away this bank holiday weekend, be that for day trips or potentially a mini break with the family, here is what to expect from the weather.

With a good three days off work, its unsurprising that a fair amount of people in Berkshire will want to head outdoors.

But will weather permit this? Lets find out! 

The weather in Reading over the bank holiday weekend is not looking too shabby, with Saturday seeing high temperatures of 16 degrees and lows of nine.

However, despite there being some sunny intervals there is a twenty percent chance of rain from 4 pm into the evening, so you may want to re-plan your afternoon stroll. 

On Sunday, sadly, the weather looks like it will be getting considerably worse. There is a high chance of rain predicted throughout the day and highs of 15 and lows of eight degrees. 

On bank holiday Monday, we are still looking at light rain showers and light winds. There is a high percent chance of rain throughout the day, sorry! 

In Bracknell things aren't looking much better. On Saturday there is a slight chance of rain in the afternoon along with light winds. 

Saturday in Bracknell will also see highs of around 16 degrees and lows of nine. this sort of temperature doesn't change too drastically throughout the weekend. 

Sunday in Bracknell is scheduled to see light winds and light rain all day, with a fifty percent chance of rain from 1 pm onwards. 

Residents can expect some sunny intervals from 2 pm to 7 pm, although this will be accompanied by a considerable amount of rain sadly. 

Bank holiday Monday in Bracknell is forecasted to see intervals of sunshine throughout the day, but also a high chance of rain from 6 am onwards. 

Slough is also looking like it will be a wet bank holiday weekend. 

We are looking at highs of 16 degrees and lows of nine on Saturday with a chance of a spattering of rain in the late afternoon. 

Sunday is looking like it will be wet throughout the day, with forty percent chance of light rain from 12 pm onwards. 

The town will see sunny intervals throughout the day, but this will be alongside light rain and winds. 

Bank holiday Monday in Slough will see high temperatures of 16 degrees and lows of nine, with a fifty percent chance of rain from 6 am onwards.