A former detective and undercover officer from Reading has written a thrilling crime fiction novel under a fake name.

‘William Strang’ worked as an undercover investigator in the UK and abroad for over thirty years and was involved in the investigation of every level of drug distribution.

“Like many people, I’ve read crime fiction and watched some crime series but I’ve been disappointed on occasion by the sensational portrayal of this kind of operation,” he said.

“None of them seem able to grasp the complexities of the investigation, the real sense of frustration, the excitement, the eager anticipation, and the simple management of the mundane tasks that are essential to ensure success.”

The thriller set in 1980s London and Cornwall draws from Mr Strang’s chilling real-life experiences.

Two detectives embark on a relentless pursuit of justice through the world of drug trafficking. Their investigation takes them to suburban London and then onto the wild and rugged Cornish coast.

In a unique narrative twist, readers are given the opportunity to look at the unfolding saga through multiple perspectives, the investigators, the street dealer, the distributor, and the importer.

This provides an insight into how the full operation can unfold and the very need for dedication and professionalism at every level.

Mr Strang continued “Although the book is fiction, it is a story that draws upon unprecedented personal experience and examines the drug trade from every perspective.

“You join the detectives as they start their investigation and will come to appreciate the difficulties and frustrations of this type of operation.

“What they uncover is achieved by dogged persistence and their ability to interpret what they discover on the journey. I wanted to try and redress the balance between thrilling fiction and undiluted fact and present a book that provides readers with the opportunity of understanding these very real experiences.”

The man using the fake name ‘Will Strang’ said that he started with Thames Valley Police in Reading and worked undercover countering suppliers, importers and manufacturers.

One experience that he relayed was raiding the Gillette factory where they were producing amphetamines.

He ended up as DI and was put in charge of the whole drug squad and then went out to France as detective chief inspector.

“After 33 year I decided enough was enough really,” he said. “I wanted to write a book that really encapsulates what it was like to perform my role, and I really hope readers enjoy it.”