Residents have expressed their annoyance after it was recently announced that there will be a series of M4 closures for several upcoming weekends. 

National Highways will be carrying out repairs on the Burghfield Road Bridge including replacing the existing paint system and refurbishing the bridge bearings, to ensure it remains in a safe condition. 

This will close the westbound and eastbound motorway between Junction 11 Reading and Junction 12 at Theale.

Carriageway closures will be in effect in both directions.

After news of this broke out residents have aired their grievances on the matter as the works look like they will cause considerable disruption in the area. 

Linda Sewell said that she is very worried about the imminent works and feels that it will majorly disturb her and her neighbourhood. 

She said "With reference to the ongoing work on the Burghfield Road bridge I am a resident on the A4 in Calcot.

"It seems we are to suffer constant standing traffic overnight for not days or weeks, but months while this essential maintenance is carried out.

"To say it is a disturbance would be a massive understatement. No chance of a quality sleep, high levels of noise and air pollution with a risk to both mental and physical health and massive impact on travel plans.

"Already at this very early stage of the works I am feeling the detrimental impact, but what can I do?"

Residents have also taken to social media to express how they feel regarding the ongoing works. 

One person wrote "I suspect if the work was being carried out in Japan it would be completed in a weekend, what are they doing painting it with a toothbrush?"

Another person said " Yes. I discovered this one last night!"

These closures westbound are expected to take place in April and May. Further closures in both directions are expected to last on the M4 until July.

These closures will be in force overnight from 9pm to 6am with the exception of April 22 – April 26 which will begin at 8pm.

Councillor John Seto posted to a community page "Careful travelling Westbound from J11 to J12. Speed is gradually reduced to 40 for the bridge BUT the gradual signs are confusing. 

"If you do get a ticket in the post for this section you might be able to appeal."

Traffic management will be put in place for late night drivers making their way from Reading to Theale on the M4 including two-way signal traffic lights.

National Highways Project Manager Nick Axford said:  “This bridge maintenance is vital to ensure the long-term safety and integrity of the M4.

"We advise everyone to plan their journeys accordingly and to stay updated by checking the National Highways webpage and Twitter/X for any updates.

"We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we carry out this maintenance.”