Almost £40,000 has been raised for a Pangbourne dad battling a brain tumour with a football match being held this Saturday to boost donations.

On Saturday April 20 at Pangbourne Recreation Ground hoards of locals will come together for a fundraiser game of footie to support Duncan Geraldes who formerly played for Pangbourne both on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mr Geraldes also played for Reading Town back in the late 2000s.

18 months ago Mr Geraldes was diagnosed with a large inoperable brain tumour. He has had radiotherapy and chemotherapy during this time and the tumour has remained “stable” for the past 10 months.

However, Mr Geraldes’ most recent scan has shown that part of the tumour has now been activated again and he will need further treatment.

Friends and family are hoping to raise £40,000 to go towards funding Denditric Cell Therapy, an immunotherapy treatment that will be specifically designed to target Mr Geraldes brain tumour.

Mr Geraldes partner Anna Tombs said: “Those of you who know Duncan will know that it won’t sit well with him to have this go fund me page, but I have assured him that there will be so many of his supporters far and wide, wanting to help him fight this so that he can watch our children grow.

“I can not begin to tell you how proud and in awe I am with how Duncan has dealt with the past 18 months, not once has he let this get him down or take over his life.

“He has put on a brave face every single day for the kids and has shown us that just because you have cancer doesn’t mean cancer has you!”

A fundraising football match is being staged this weekend in Pangbourne to help boost treatment funds. The game will start at 3pm. The money raised from the football match will add to the almost £39,000 already raised.

Ms Tombs thanked everyone who had donated so far to her GoFundMe and said that once she was able to she would book Mr Geraldes in for the treatment at a clinic in Marbella.

Among everyone who donated to the cause, one person said in support of the family: “We love this family! We hope and pray that this treatment will cure dear Duncan of this terrible disease and release this precious family from their suffering.”

Another person wrote “Thinking of you and the family. Well done for raising awareness in that super interview- you were amazing and my heart went out to you. Lots of love.”

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