Broken traffic lights on the A33 caused a traffic collision this morning, according to reports.

The set of crucial set of lights on a busy junction on Rose Kiln Lane are currently not working. 

A member of the public posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the traffic lights on Rose Kiln Lane by the Matalan are currently not working. 

This has resulted in car crash between three cars. 

The person mentioned Reading Borough Council and said "Traffic lights at Rose Kiln lane by Matalan not working again today.

"This is a dangerous junction for cars to cross without the lights not working. Please get this fixed before someone has a serious accident."

Since then the crash has been notified to road users via a traffic alert. 

The A33 is partially blocked with slow traffic Southbound at Rose Kiln Lane by the Matalan junction. 

Northbound is said to be cleared, and there is potential that there has been two different accidents. 

Southbound remains under restrictions. 

Reading Borough Council have been contacted. Their response will update this story as soon as possible.