A Range Rover stolen by keyless car thieves was recovered after a thrilling motorway chase on the M4.

Thames Valley Police officers in Taplow heard over their radio that a Range Rover had just been stolen by keyless car thieves.

Police planned to find the stolen car before it ended up at a "chop shop, or a shipping container destined for sunnier climes."

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 Police said: "It didn't take long for Billy the Burglar in his new swanky Range Rover thats fitted with all mod cons to pass our Taplow officers on the M4 towards London.

"A pursuit started along the motorway which eventually came to an end in Hayes with assistance from our Metropolitan Police friends!

"The car was recovered and one unhappy burglar was arrested."

The report ends with a simple tip for securing vehicles against keyless theft: placing car keys in a metal tin and testing the vehicle ignition, as this method can effectively deter automotive criminals.