Escape Hunt Reading is giving players the opportunity to become a Vampire Hunter in its brand-new City Hunt adventure, Vampire Hunters.

Launching Saturday March 23, it will join the existing catalogue of outdoor games including Time Cops and Return to Wonderland.

This City Hunt adventure turns the streets of Reading into an epic outdoor experience riddled with Vampire Barons, taking part in a ritual: ‘Season of Blood’.

Imagine an escape room with no doors, a treasure hunt with more challenges, and a city like you’ve never seen before.

Players must take to the streets of Reading, to join the Vampire Hunters and vanquish the Vampire King's many Barons, each one holding a key to his location.

Explore with a digital map to crack clues, complete puzzles and solve challenges along the way.

With just 90 minutes – players must work together to rid the world of this evil once and for all!

It's the perfect experience for those visiting new cities who want a walking tour with a twist or for those wanting to experience their city like never before!

The experience is open to teams of between two and six players, perfect for friends and family members and what’s more, kids under 8 go free.