A new budget supermarket is coming near Reading.

During a West Berkshire Council meeting that was held yesterday evening Wednesday March 20 it was decided that planning permission should be approved for a new Aldi in Newbury.

The supermarket along with 75 new homes and a care home will be built on land to the east of Newbury College.

This comes as Newbury Town Council had previously objected to the proposed development back in December 2022.

The parish council had decided that as there is already a residential care home nearby a new one would not be needed.

They also said that the proposal is overdeveloping the site, that the existing water and drainage infrastructure is inadequate, and that the increased traffic will result in congestion, pollution, noise, and general nuisance.

After plans for the new supermarket, homes, and care home were approved yesterday, resident Simon Kirby said that the approval illustrates how redundant the parish council is.

He said “I think it's a good decision because we could use the Aldi, the care home, and the housing.

“It also clearly illustrates how utterly pointless it is for Newbury Parish Council to run their own planning committee to deliberate over applications such as this. They have no role in the planning process.”